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Exporting Jewelry Wholesale

Exporting Jewelry Wholesale

If you plan to export jewelry wholesale, you may need to find out if it is legal. First you must understand that sending just one piece of jewelry to another country is in fact ‘exporting goods. ’ This is true even if the country is Mexico or Canada! No matter where it is going, if it is outside of the United States, or the country that you live in, it is exporting.

You can find out if exporting certain pieces of jewelry is legal by calling the customs agency in your state, or by calling the United States Customs Office. Describe the jewelry and as well as the precious stones it contains, and tell them where it is being sent. They will be able to tell you if shipping it is legal, and what problems may be encountered at customs in the country it is being shipped to.

Take shipping costs into consideration, and make sure that your customer pays for that! Shipping to other countries can be quite costly, and if you pay for that shipping, you probably won’t realize any profits on the jewelry wholesale that you are shipping out of the country!




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