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Jewelry Wholesale And Estate Sales

Jewelry Wholesale and Estate Sales

Buying jewelry wholesale at estates sales is actually quite easy. In fact, in most cases, this is the easiest way to get very rare or old pieces at or below jewelry wholesale prices! There is, however, a method to the madness when it comes to walking away with an heirloom piece at a rock bottom price!

Most people have estate sales when a person has died. Unless the person was extremely wealthy, an appraisal of all of the items that will be sold is not done…and in most cases, the people holding the sale are heirs that simply want to cash in. They have no idea what the real value of what they are selling is. Furthermore, these sales are often run just like your average garage sale, with items marked at incredibly low prices! You can literally walk away with thousands of dollars of jewelry for just a few dollars.

Even if the jewelry is not that valuable, the pieces of the jewelry may be of some use to you when you are constructing your own pieces. You can carefully take the pieces that you buy at estate sales apart, and save the reusable gems, chains, settings, and other pieces. You can typically buy these pieces far below jewelry wholesale prices!




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