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How To Select Jewelry Wholesale Beads

How to Select Jewelry Wholesale Beads

When purchasing wholesale jewelry beads, you must use care. You don’t want to end up with beads that aren’t worth anything to you! Selecting beads takes a lot of thought – we aren’t talking about plastic beads that children use to make jewelry. We are talking about quality beads used to make grown up jewelry!

Avoid cheap plastic beads. This may be suitable for some pieces, but it isn’t very durable – or very pretty. Instead, buy glass beads or Lucite beads. These are not only durable, they are very shiny and pretty. They do not have the ‘cloudy’ look of plastic beads.

Inspect the beads for imperfections if possible. Beads that are ‘lopsided’ won’t do. Beads that are chipped, broken, or scratched are useless. Don’t purchase these beads no matter how cheap they are!

Most jewelry wholesale beads are sold in bulk. In this case, you probably won’t have the opportunity to inspect the beads, so ask about the exchange policy. Will you be able to exchange the beads that are less than perfect? Depending on how the beads are packaged and sold, and the policy of the business selling the jewelry wholesale beads, this may not be possible.




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