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Dealing With Jewelry Wholesale Dealers

Dealing with Jewelry Wholesale Dealers

Many people think that if they try to talk to a jewelry wholesale dealer that they will get better bargains. In the case of buying in bulk, they are absolutely right! Most jewelry wholesale dealers will offer you a lower price if you are buying in bulk – but if you are just buying one or two pieces, it really doesn’t pay for them to offer you prices below the wholesale price.

Other than getting a good price, you want to make sure that you are getting quality jewelry. If you can deal with the jewelry wholesale dealer in person, you should. But in most situations, this will not be the case. Instead, contact the dealer by phone and talk to them. Establish a relationship, and keep that relationship on good terms at all times. As time goes by, you may be able to get even better deals from the wholesaler, and you can probably work out credit terms as well.

Just remember that your jewelry wholesale dealer is a human being, and treat them as such. If you ever find that your dealer isn’t being honest with you, or is selling low quality jewelry, look for a new wholesaler.




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