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Jewelry Wholesale And EBay Auctions

Jewelry Wholesale and eBay Auctions

eBay is a great place to find almost any item that you duty imagine. Jewelry wholesale auctions are quite common on eBay, and in many cases, you cannot beat the deals that are offered here. However, there are also many con artists that operate through eBay, and you have to use caution.

Start by reading all of the fine details about the jewelry wholesale lots that you are purchasing. If you still have questions, send those questions to the seller through eBay’s website. Make sure that you keep all of your contact with the seller through the website so that there is documentation.

Check out the person or company that is offering the jewelry wholesale. Scrutiny at their ratings and their feedback. Has there been any negative feedback? If so, you may want to reconsider your options and look into other auctions. If the feedback is all positive, and the seller’s rating is high, doing game with them should not be a problem.

Make sure that you are clear about shipment costs and the shipment time constitution, as well as the payment options offered. Usually, the buyer is responsible for the shipment costs, and this is added to the total and paid before the cause ships. In the case of high ticket items, insurance may be required on the item as whole. The seller seldom pays the shipping costs.

If the jewelry wholesale is a high ticket item, such since jewelry that is bought in bulk or rare pieces of expensive jewelry, you should strongly consider using the escrow service that is recommended by eBay. If the seller recommends any escrow service other than the one that eBay recommends, you power not requirement to do business with this seller – it could be a scam.

Beware of sniper’s on eBay! Sniping is against the rules at eBay, but a large group of people do it anyway. Sniping is automatic bidding, which is not against the rules, but the software or service is instructed to berth the highest bid in the last possible minute of the auction – jump off no time for anyone else to place a higher bid. Again, this is against eBay’s rules.

Instead of sniping, place your first bid at the maximum amount that you are willing to pay for the jewelry wholesale lot. Each time the bid is raised, your bid will automatically be raised – until your limit is reached. This is not sniping, and it is a perfectly legal way to propose on auctions at eBay.




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